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Our Team

We are a husband and wife duo working very closely from start to finish with

our clients to make sure the smallest of details get the utmost attention. 

General Contractor 


Working with a collaboration of trade professionals, I have owned and operated Peninsula Builders since 1983. I specialize in unique, detailed high-end residential construction and remodels. My expertise includes additions, exterior and interior remodels, kitchens, bathrooms, lower levels and master suites—every space in the home.    

What sets Peninsula Builders apart from other construction companies? 


With over 30 years of experience, I believe Peninsula Builders’ success is founded on consistency and a dedication to craftsmanship. I have built a team of subcontractors that take pride in their craft, and embody my own commitment to delivering the architect and homeowner’s vision. 


I personally oversee projects from ground-breaking to completion because I believe in clear, thorough communication between the architect, homeowners, and myself. Building trust and maintaining excellent working relationships empowers and drives the home building process. More than anything, I want the process to be exciting and memorable for the homeowner as they realize their dream home.    



Designer and Visionary


The design and vision of your home is every bit as important as the hammer and nails. It is a process my wife and business partner, Margaret, and I truly enjoy. It’s as much of a collaborative process as you prefer. Whether you walk in to the first meeting with a stack of design books and concepts in mind or you simply want to “make changes” we will work with you to design and deliver the home you want. 

Three decades of experience has afforded us the opportunity to work in a wide array of architectures and design.  With this experience of classic architectures, we are more than comfortable producing innovative designs that bridge the needs of the modern family and homeowner and still maintain the architectural integrity of the home. 


Time and schedules are not only critical but unique to each of our customers. Many of our clients are those we have worked with for years and have engaged us in an array of advanced plan projects. Whatever the customer’s preference, we are willing to execute projects in a timetable that suits you.     



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